Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with our state-of-the-art laser cutting technology. Our in-house 2D and 3D laser cutting capabilities offer unmatched quality, crafted to surpass your expectations.

Cutting Through Complexity with 2D Flat Fiber Laser Capabilities

Utilizing a focused beam of optical light, our 2D laser cutting machine excels in melting, burning,
or vaporizing metal materials with exceptional accuracy. Combined with CNC technology, these machines enable us to achieve remarkably detailed cuts.

2D Flat Fiber Laser Cutter

Our 2D laser cutter features fiber laser technology to produce stronger, more focused laser beams ideal for heavier metal materials. This fiber laser cutter not only delivers exceptional accuracy but also helps lower production costs for your custom metal fabrication needs.

Key Features of Our 2D Fiber Laser

6000 Watt

80” X 160” BED

Up to 1’’ Thick on Carbon Steel

Industries Reliant on 2D
Laser Technology

Discover the versatility of our 2D fiber laser, perfectly tailored to meet diverse manufacturing requirements across various industries by providing fast, accurate cuts with close tolerances.

boyd metals icon 1 Automotive

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers often require precise metal components for vehicle assembly, where close tolerances and fast turnaround times are essential.

boyd metals icon 2 Aerospace

The aerospace industry demands high precision and quality in metal components for aircraft construction, which laser cutting capabilities can provide.

boyd metals icon 3 Architectural and Construction

Construction firms and architects require custom metal components for buildings, interior designs, and structural elements where close tolerances and customization are necessary.

boyd metals icon 4 Signage and Advertising

Signage companies often work with a variety of metals, including highly reflective materials, and need accurate laser cutting for creating intricate designs and logos.

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Mastering Dimensions with 3D Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Power

Beyond cutting, our tube laser technology adeptly shapes tubes, structures, and channels with a superior level of precision. This 3D laser cutter has unique features that set it apart from traditional methods, delivering exceptional benefits. Benefits include rapid processing of large tubes and high accuracy in shaping complex geometries. This eliminates the need for time-consuming pre-treatment or post-treatment processes like welding, grinding, or polishing.

3d fiber boyd metals

3D Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

With automatic motion technology and a high-precision laser head, our fiber tube laser machines effortlessly cut 3D materials with varying thicknesses, eliminating the need for manual angle adjustments. Our 3D fiber tube lasers offer convenient operation and adaptability for a wide range of product sizes and project needs.

Key Features of Our 3D Fiber Tube Laser

Stock Loading – 27’10” Length Max – Minimum length 8’2”

Unloading – Max length 21’3”

Tilt-Head Cutting – 45-degree max

Active Focus – Automatically adjust focal position to provide optimized pierce times

3d laser boyd metals

3D Tube CO2 Laser Cutter

By electrically stimulating nitrogen and carbon dioxide molecules within a gas-filled tube, our 3D CO2 tube laser emits a powerful laser beam. With high power and a long wavelength in the infrared spectrum, these lasers excel in precision cutting across a variety of materials.

Key Features of Our 3D CO2 Tube Laser

Stock Loading – 27’10” Length Max – Minimum length 8’2”

Unloading – Max length 26’”

Tilt-Head Cutting – 45-degree max

Six-step semi-automatic front loader for single bars and open profiles

Industries Transformed by
Tube Laser Capabilities

This technology has the power to revolutionize manufacturing processes across diverse industries. The efficiency it offers to businesses is transformative! The impact of a tube laser machine on numerous industries is invaluable for manpower and cost savings.

boyd metals icon 3 Architecture and Construction

Essential for fabricating structural components such as beams, columns, and trusses with intricate designs and precise dimensions, tube laser cutting revolutionizes construction processes, ensuring architectural integrity.

boyd metals icon 3 Aerospace

Tube laser cutting plays a crucial role in manufacturing aircraft components and frames with lightweight yet durable materials, meeting stringent quality and performance standards in the aerospace industry.

boyd metals icon 7 Arenas and Entertainment

Tube laser technology facilitates the fabrication of durable and precise handrail components, contributing to the overall infrastructure of arenas and entertainment venues.

boyd metals icon 1 Automotive

Crucial for cutting stainless steel or aluminum tubes and brackets, tube lasers contribute to efficient manufacturing processes, notably in exhaust system production.

boyd metals icon 9 Farming and Agriculture

Laser tube cutters provide crucial components for feedlots, including pipes for gates and chutes, enhancing efficiency and durability in agricultural operations.

boyd metals icon 10 Furniture Manufacturing

3D laser cutting is utilized to craft metal components for modern and innovative furniture designs, achieving both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity in furniture production.

boyd metals icon 11 Marine

Boat and shipbuilders rely on the tube laser processing service for fabricating marine structures, including hulls, frames, and railing systems, ensuring durability and reliability in marine environments.

boyd metals icon 12 Medical Devices

Tube lasers create intricate tubing and components from materials like stainless steel, ensuring high-quality manufacturing for medical devices with precision and reliability.

3d laser gif

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Whether you’re in need of intricate 2D cuts or complex 3D designs, our laser cutting technology guarantees precision, efficiency and quality. From automotive to aerospace, construction to agriculture, our tailored laser cutting services cater to diverse industries, offering customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Reach out to our expert team today to discuss your project requirements and discover how Boyd Metals can drive success for your business.

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