Our in-house high definition plasma cutting services offer a cost-effective solution for your custom metal fabrication needs.


Table capacities of up of 120″ wide and 480″ long.

Tolerances of +/- .0625 are possible

Compatible with customer-provided DXF files

Thickness capacity up to 1″.


hidef plasma


Superior cut on carbon, aluminum and stainless steel plate.

All high definition plasma cutting equipment at Boyd Metals is CNC controlled in order to provide the most consistent, closest tolerance parts possible.

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High definition plasma provides even tighter tolerances.

High definition plasma provides a superior quality cut on carbon, aluminum and stainless steel plates.

High definition plasma’s increased cutting speeds reduce turnaround time.

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High definition plasma produces less slag, resulting in minimal, if any, clean-up time.

Each high definition plasma-burning center has over 250 pre-programmed shapes. Other shapes are programmed in-house using the latest Auto-Cad technology.

Boyd Metals high definition plasma burning centers are compatible with customer provided DXF files. Using your files improves turnaround time, minimizes the opportunity for programming error and provides further cost savings to you, the customer.

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Nesting software provides for efficient use of materials, resulting in minimal scrap.

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Boyd Metals has taken quality to the next level with the addition of high definition plasma cutter capabilities to our metal processing services.

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