Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Boyd Metals been in business?

Boyd Metals started in 1991. To learn more about the history of our company, go to Our Story and Why We Exist .

How would you describe Boyd Metals culture?

Rather than us describe it, here is how a group of our employees recently described it during a recent training class; entrepreneurial spirit, one of integrity, work hard but have fun doing it, the customer really does come first, management cares, relaxed atmosphere, everyone plays a big part in our success, new ideas are welcomed, open door policies, do whatever it takes to take care of a customer, team over individual.

Why has Boyd Metals been so successful over the years?

There are a lot of reasons but the biggest one is our people. Most of the products we sell are commodities, therefore we must differentiate ourselves in other ways. We hire talented people that are self-motivated and believe like us that our job is not done until the customer is taken care of. Other companies SAY they want your business but we SHOW you that we want your business through our actions.

What is Boyd’s promotion policy?

Because we hire the best people and train them ourselves, we are strong believers in promoting from within.

How do I apply?

You can fill out an on-line application by clicking here and we will retain your resume and/or application for consideration when future job openings occur.